Ocean Racing Surf Skis

Molokai Classic

The Molokai is the original Molokai design. It has won at least eight Molokai Island races in a row. This craft is popular with paddlers who like a fast running ski with great maneuverability. This craft is for the serious paddler. It does not comply with Surf Life Saving Australian Specifications.It is 5.9 metres long and 470mm wide. It has a longer and straighter keelĀ and still holds the record for the fastest Molokai to Hawaii Challenge passage time. The length of Burton Ocean Racing Skis length was kept to less than 5.9 metres for the following reasons:

  • It can still fit in your average garage, still fits in a 20ft container for shipping, still fits in the maximum aircraft luggage holds 20feet.
  • When length is added to any craft it can not be successfully added in the ends but can only be added in the mid sections which dramatically increases the overall volume of the craft. Therefore if skis are much longer than theĀ traditional length of 5.8metres (19feet) their relative buoyancy has to be reduced in the middle. By reducing the beam this makes them much more tippy and the seat then has to be lowered significantly to allow paddlers to sit them up. This in turn means that the paddlers have to compromise their paddling style because they can not get the same reach forward as before. Therefore if Burton Ocean Racing skis were made 10% longer it would slightly increase their effective speed on flat water but significantly compromise their ability to be paddled fast on ocean swells.
  • History has proven this with the latest crop of long thin Ocean Racing Skis, still unable to beat the record time previously set on a Burton Molokai Ocean Racing Ski in the Molokai Challenge.

Burton Molokai’s can be fitted with adjustable foot stretchers, allowing people varying in size to paddle the same ski.

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