Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle boards (SUP) recently named the most popular Outdoor Recreational Activity in the World!!! At Burton Watersports we want to introduce the healthy & exciting lifestyle of Stand Up Paddle Boarding to all Australian’s. For Fitness, Fun, Family or just Cruising around on your local waterways…  this new & exciting sport is for you! We have many different designs and colours to choose from or design your unique board to suit yourself and stand out from the crowd!!!!!!

            Our SUP buying Tips..

  • Buy a board with a carry handle in the middle for easy transporting
  • Buy a board that’s 29?-32” wide for good stability.
  • Don’t buy a board that weighs more than 14kg’s.
  • Most popular are 10’6 or 11’6 Boards (depending on rider size)
  • If using mainly in flatwater try a bit longer board for faster glide.
  • Paddle height is really important. Too long and you get injuries in your wrists and shoulders.. Too short and you hurt your lower back. (Best Paddle height is approx 9 inches above your head)
  • If there is more than one paddler using it (and of varying heights) then we’d suggest an ‘Adjustable Type’ Paddle

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