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Designed by you, the serious competitor. Watch this space for further details or go to our new products page to see it getting built.


The Wedge is our most popular craft. A stable craft that is very competitive in big surf as well as in still water. Suitable for ironmen/women, veteran competitors and the less experienced surf craft user. The advantage of the Wedge is its stability and maneuverability.

Ultimate Wedge

The Ultimate Wedge is for the serious ski paddler. A faster, less stable ski than the Wedge. The Ultimate Wedge has proven its superior performance in all conditions. This craft is designed for the serious paddler looking for an advantage over their competitor.


The sniper is an extremely fast craft on flat water and in slight-moderate surf. With its forward seating and all out efficient hull shape, this is not for the novice paddler. The Sniper is ideal for the K1 paddler who has good balance and speed to burn. Burton Surf Skis (excluding the Sniper) can be fitted with adjustable foot stretchers, allowing people varying in size to paddle the same ski. Seat heights available include high, medium, and low for extra stability.

Single Skis

Prices $AUD inc GST

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Wedge, Ultimate Wedge – Plain Colour $ 3500.00
Sniper & Surfari – Plain Colour $ 3500.00
Molokai – Plain Colour $ 3500.00
Carbon Reinforced Hull $ 110.00
Carbon Reinforced Deck $ 110.00
Carbon Kevlar Hull $ 550.00
Adjustable Footstretcher $ 308.00
Deep Seat Option $ 110.00
Simple Design $ 82.50
Detailed Design $ 165.00
Special Art Work Price on Application
Delivery (to Sydney, other areas on application) $ 55.00
Packaging (interstate or overseas) $ 88.00

Wedge Double

The Wedge Double is a very stable and efficient craft. Suitable for competition as well as recreational purposes. This craft has won many Australian, State and National Championships.

Double Skis

Prices $AUD in GST

Wedge & Ultimate Wedge – Plain Colour $ 5250.00
Carbon Reinforced Deck $ 165.00
Carbon Reinforced Hull $ 165.00
Carbon Kevlar Hull $ 770.00
Adjustable Rear Footstretcher $ 242.00
Adjustable Front Footstretcher $ 308.00
Simple Design $ 132.00
Detailed Design $ 220.00
Special Art Work Design Price on Application
Delivery (to Sydney, other areas on application) $ 88.00
Packaging (interstate and overseas) $ 132.00

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