Rowing Oars

World Class sculling and sweep rowing oars

Burton now have a range of  high quality sculling and sweep rowing oars at a price you can afford.

The range offers sculling oars for every rower. You can choose between Hybrid (20% carbon) or Standard Shaft (50% carbon) , or for higher carbon content Lightweight (80% carbon)  or 100% full carbon Ultra Light oars.

Sweep rowing oars also available in Lightweight and Ultra Light oars.

Oar specifications.

Oar Specs Complete 600

Prices for Burton Oars (all prices ex GST)

Burton oars price list 2 September 2015 600

Oar Spare Parts

Burton has a range of sculling and sweep oar spare parts including grips, handles with GM grips, sleeves, collars, and spare scull and sweep oar blades.

Oar Spare Parts

Burton oars spare parts price list 600


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