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New Rescue Boat & Surf Rescue Boat

Our exciting new product being developed in our range is the new IRRB which is expected to meet a huge gap in the market in commercial, leisure and tourism, emergency services and surfing.

Our new IRRB is a Kevlar/carbon fiber version of the inflatable rescue boat known also known as the “Rubber Duck”.

The operation of the inflatable Rescue Boat by Surf Life Saving Australia over the last 30 years is well documented. It is often referred to as the best piece of rescue equipment to be utilized in effecting difficult & multiple surf rescues & preventative actions. Whilst it’s use has crept into other areas in Recreation and Defense the vulnerability of its inflatable pontoons has limited this to some extent. It is a high maintenance piece of equipment and is unsuitable for use in Northern Australia or general rescue work such as flooding taking into account the possibility of the pontoons getting punctured and creating a further dangerous situation whilst affecting a rescue.

The Burton Inshore Rescue Boat can be propeller or Jet driven and is of rigid hull construction. It has soft wide external and internal gunwale profiles to protect occupants as well as any craft that it may come in contact with. It is a high volume boat enabling it to carry more than twice the load of regular similar length boats and is extremely stable with a flat floor.

It is constructed of modern high tech. materials such as Kevlar, Carbon fibre and Foam Sandwich.

The Craft is therefore extremely light, strong, easy to maintain with immediate availability. This allows it to be carried to the water negating the need for sophisticated trailers and launching ramps. Ideal for emergency crews or people with access to a River, Bay or beach.

It has many advantages over the very popular aluminum (Tinny) boat as well as Inflatable boats and makes an ideal Auxiliary yacht tender.
Prototype being tested by Surf Life Saving Australia
Prototype testing by SLSA

The three initial sizes are 3.9m, 3.5m, and 3.0m.

As mentioned, identified uses include Rescue Boats, Sports Boats, Fishing Boats, Dive Boats, Wild Water Adventure Boats, North Australian leisure Boats (Crocodile Proof), Tenders for large pleasure boats and yachts, and would have many applications in Defense, State Emergency Services, as well as Police and Fire brigade work.

Provisional patents rights are currently held for this craft.

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Here Rescue Boat
Burton Rescue Boat with Burton Outboard Motor
Burton Rescue Boat with Burton Outboard 5HP 4 Stroke

Formula 4s Racing

Burton is Australia’s exclusive agent for Kanghua, the only approved R&D and manufacturing of Formula racing boats in China.

Kanghua is one of only two manufacturers worldwide to produce the Formula 4s Racing Boat.

Burton has a long history of building racing boats in Australia. Ron Kelly has had 30 years hands on experience as a boat builder and can provide expert advice and after sales service.

Built to racing specification and utilizing the Danish Molgaard design, these boats use carbon Kevlar construction of the highest quality to produce a light, safe craft.

Affordable, economical and low maintenance, they are Ideal for the junior 16 + who wants to step up or for racing enthusiasts of any age.

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