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This FAQ will have answers to commonly asked questions here at Burton WaterSports.

How do I get measured up for a ski?

1. We have a measuring jig that you can sit on that will give us the right size that you need.  You are also welcome to come and visit us in Kiama by appointment.

2. Measure from floor right up into you groin. Please do not wear shoes. The seam in your pants is a lot shorter so please do not measure the inside of a pair of pants.

3. If you are paddling a Burton, even if you bought it second hand and you are happy with the size then you can give us the S.L.S registration and we can bring up the original Bill Sheet to get you size.

Why do Burton Surf have hollow products?

Most manufacturers use a Foam Core or Sandwich constructed craft. These have low fiberglass content. Whilst this low glass content creates compression and tensile strength deficiencies, the high core content creates eventual water retention problems and a finite competitive racing life.

We at Burton Surf do not have these problem due to our unique construction.

What is single skin construction and why is better than the other construction methods?

Single skin construction is an engineered laminate made up of layers of high tech fiberglass and carbon fibre fabrics. When these fabrics are saturated with water resistant resins, not only are they difficult to penetrate but they do not take on weight, allowing the craft to maintain its competitive racing weight indefinitely.

Why are Burton Ocean Racing Skis Limited to 5.9 metres in length?

The length of Burton Ocean Racing Skis length was kept to less than 5.9 metres for the following reasons:

  • It can still fit in your average garage, still fits in a 20ft container for shipping, still fits in the maximum aircraft luggage holds 20feet.
  • When length is added to any craft it can not be successfully added in the ends but can only be added in the mid sections which dramatically increases the overall volume of the craft. Therefore if skis are much longer than the traditional length of 5.8metres (19feet) their relative buoyancy has to be reduced in the middle. By reducing the beam this makes them much more tippy and the seat then has to be lowered significantly to allow paddlers to sit them up. This in turn means that the paddlers have to compromise their paddling style because they can not get the same reach forward as before. Therefore if Burton Ocean Racing skis were made 10% longer it would slightly increase their effective speed on flat water but significantly compromise their ability to be paddled fast on ocean swells.
  • History has proven this with the latest crop of long thin Ocean Racing Skis, still unable to beat the record time previously set on a Burton Molokai Ocean Racing Ski in the Molokai Challenge.

Do you have any second hand skis or boards?

We are asked this question the most, pretty much on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we can’t get our hands on them. Burton Skis are like hens teeth. When a customer purchases a new ski we always ask if they want to sell their old one. The usual reply is that one of their mates is buying it. The reason Burton is so hard to come by second hand is that they don’t take on water and get heavy if they have had a bump. They are also extremely strong and have an excellent design so they are extremely competitive. For more information please read ‘What are the benefits of purchasing a new product over a second hand product?’

How long do I have to wait form the time of deposit to delivery?

We try to keep our turn over time to a minimum. We are currently training new staff so that our lead time is kept low. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact time until your deposit is paid.  Construction will be started in order of 50%deposits being paid. In winter lead time is a lot shorter than  in summer. Hopefully this winter we will be making some stock with our boards so they can be delivered straight away.

In winter we tend to have a turn around time of 2-4 weeks. In Summer delivery extends out to 6-9 weeks.

How much deposit do I need  to pay?

Construction will be started once a 50% deposit has been paid. Total balance to be paid ex factory.

How do I pay?

By cheque, deposit into our Bank account (direct) and by credit card (most overseas purchasers use this method but there is a merchant fee that applies to this method).

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What are the benefits of purchasing a new board or ski rather than a second hand one?

All our products are custom built for the customer and if properly maintained and used should last indefinitely. Another benefit is that It is also difficult to get a second hand ski of the size that is needed. It is amazing the difference paddling a ski that is the right size for you than one that is a little too short or long.

What are the difference in the different seats (high, medium and deep)?

The high seat is the standard seat. The medium and deep seats drop down by 15mm increments, this considerably lowers the paddlers centre of gravity.

What are the differences in the different size rudders (general purpose, small, medium and large)?

Small – minimal surf

Large – deep for staying in the water longer when running with large swells.

Medium – compared to the large it is not as deep and therefore creates less drag in ocean marathon events.

General purpose – Is a compromise of all above and has proved very durable.

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