Electric Outboard Motors

Great quality, performance and at an affordable price!

Burton announces an exciting new range of electric outboards. No fuel. No Emissions. No Maintenance. User friendly and light. Will be the answer to conversion from polluting 2 stroke. From 5HP equivalent to 50HP.

Electric outboard under testing

Long Lasting:

To minimise corrosion these long life outboards come with sacrificial anodes attached to such as, motor housings, brackets and tail, engine block and water channel

Special high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel for parts including the propeller drive shaft, steering levers and tubing. All non-moving stainless steel parts have a special zinc coating backing up the sacrificial anodes

Motors finished in 6 base coats, oven baked and top coated with clear Urethane for a brilliant, low maintenance finish


Reliable starts with no need to idle
No gears. Press button forward and reverse
High voltage input
Water cooled

No maintenance, oil or spark plugs


Safe direct current
Shallow water drive setting
Optional: Directional stability on the go. Adjustable steering control lever friction


Electric outboard with cover removed
Electric Outboard batteries
Price LIst


5 HP $3950 plus GST

10HP $4950 plus GST

15HP $5950 Plus GST

20 to 50HP price on application.

Custom Built Portable High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries starting at $2500 plus GST including 72 volt charger


Prices exclusive of GST

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